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As a partner of the HWR Berlin and the IST-Hochschule für Management we offer several dual work-study programmes. In addition to working at one of most diverse companies in Germany's tourism sector you benefit from a practically oriented course of studies, meaning that you can put what you learn into practice right away.

Many of our interns enjoyed working with us so much that they took up permanent positions here after completing their studies.

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Our partner university

HWR Berlin

HWR Berlin - Campus Berlin-Lichtenberg

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Roughly 10,500 students are studying at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR). Apply today and become one of them!

The defining characteristics of the HWR Berlin are its practical orientation, intensive and diverse research activities and high quality standards, as well as a strong focus on international exchange.

Why do a dual work-study programme?

Our graduates have an easy time starting their careers because their degree programme is designed to ensure that in addition to theoretical content they gather practical work experience that is directly related both to the company and the industry so that they have no trouble finding a job later on.

What to expect

Course content - what you are taught

  • Work experience in an environment of technological and economic changes
  • Targeted and solution-oriented approaches for resolving real problems
  • Work flow processes in a company context

Challenging and encouraging

We attach great importance to giving students more and more tasks that demand and encourage initiative and a comprehensive approach that takes all aspects of a department into account.

»If you do not love something, you cannot do it.«

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet

Your Adventage as student


Discounts on Tropical Islands products and services.


Individualised internship programmes offering insights into many different areas, with the possibility of permanent employment once you have completed your internship/course of studies/school education.


Lunch and drinks for free in our staff restaurant.


Free working clothes including laundry service.


Annual staff parties, Christmas parties and various team-building activities for interns.

Shuttle service

Our bus shuttle service brings you from "Brand Tropical Islands" train station to the resort and back again for free.


Plenty of free parking spaces for staff.

A tropical environment

A lagoon, a waterfall, a sandy beach and palms – your unique working space.


Accomodation at the resort.

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