Tropical Islands opens Pororoca Surf-Club

Krausnick, June 20th 2019. On June 21th, Tropical Islands will open the surf simulator Pororoca. The new attraction is located at the outdoor area "AMAZONIA". The surf simulator is suitable for children from 8 years and adults. The different levels of difficulty makes it ideal for both beginners and professional surfers.

During the opening between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. registration for the surf wave is possible on the hour. From July, the opening hours will be extended. A lifeguard will be supervising the surf area at all times and also takes over the briefing of the guests. Every prospective surfer also watches a short training video for reasons of safety. Four levels of difficulty ensure that beginners as well as professionals are sufficiently challenged. A maximum of two people can surf in separate lanes. The chaining follows a rotation principle. If one surfer falls off the board, the next one can enter the surf simulator. The number of surfing guests per hour is also limited. The price of 10 euros per hour includes the board (bodyboards and skimboards) as well as a wetsuit if desired. Groups of 20 people or more can rent the Pororoca surf wave exclusively at a price of 150 euros per hour. For groups of at least 20 guests, the total price for one hour is about 150 euros. It is necessary to book in advance.

Advanced surfers also have the opportunity of water skiing. Hereby, the entire width of the wave can be used. 15 minutes costs 16 euros, half an hour costs 32 euros.

For many tourists, the tropics include not only the South Seas, beaches and palm trees, but also activities and sports such as surfing. Wouter Dekkers, Managing Director of Tropical Islands, is looking forward to the new attraction: "There are only a few facilities of this kind in Europe. We are delighted that with Pororoca we are offering our guests the opportunity to gain their first experience on the surfboard or to develop their own skills".

Pororoca, the name of the tropical surf attraction, goes back to a big wave in the Amazon region of South America. Under special circumstances it rolls up the large stream. It is very popular with surfers.

Captions: ©Tropical Islands
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to 3: Pororoca, the new surf attraction at Tropical Islands offers fun and training for surfers and those who want to become one.

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