Tropical Islands is now part of the Spanish group Parques Reunidos

Parques Reunidos Group

The Tropical Islands resort is now part of Parques, one of leading global operator of regional leisure parks and one of three truly global leisure park operators. Already in December, the purchase between new and old property was bombarded. The cartel office approved the deal in early January.

On Wednesday, the change of ownership took place. This is also associated with a change in the management. After a two-week transfer, Michiel Illy will leave the company at the end of January. Wouter Dekkers will be the new managing director of the tropical resort.

Michiel Illy started in September 2017 to develop the tropical holiday resort in the south of Brandenburg. The first steps were taken with the construction of the Jungle Splash and the extensions on the 630-acre outdoor area. From February, Dekkers is to guide the fortunes of the Tropical Islands Resort. "I'm looking forward to the upcoming tasks. In his time, Michiel Illy has already taken the first steps to expand the plant. We want to build on that." Representatives of Parques Reunidos warmly thanked for the excellent work of Michiel Illy.

Wouter Dekkers has been active in the industry since 2000, including the theme park Six Flags Holland and Movie Park Germany. Previously, Dekkers was director of the Dutch theme park and resort Slagharen, also part of the Spanish group Parques Reunidos. Since its launch in 2014, Dekkers has left its mark on the Dutch theme park, achieving its financial growth targets and playing an important role in its further development.


Parques Reunidos Group
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